What to Wear for Engagement Photos

What to Wear for Engagement Photos: Tips for Stylish and Coordinated Outfits

Choosing the right outfits for your engagement photos is key to ensuring you look stylish and coordinated, while also feeling comfortable and confident. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect attire for your session:

Coordinate, Don’t Match

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Harmonize Colors: Choose outfits that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Opt for colors that are in the same palette or have similar tones.

Complementary Patterns: If one of you is wearing a pattern, the other should wear a solid color that picks up one of the hues from the pattern.

Consider the Location

Match the Setting: Your outfit should reflect the environment. For a beach shoot, consider light, airy fabrics and summery colors. For an urban setting, go for chic, modern attire.
Blend, Don’t Clash: Make sure your outfits don’t clash with the location. For instance, avoid wearing green in a forest setting as you might blend in too much.

Dress for the Season

Spring/Summer: Light fabrics like cotton or linen, pastel or bright colors, and comfortable footwear.

Fall/Winter: Layers, cozy fabrics like wool or cashmere, deeper colors, and stylish boots or closed-toe shoes.

Opt for Timeless Over Trendy

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Classic Pieces: Choose outfits that won’t look dated in a few years. Classic pieces like a well-fitted dress for her and a tailored suit for him can be timeless.

Minimalist Approach: Sometimes less is more. Simple, elegant outfits often photograph better than overly trendy or complicated ones.

Add Layers and Accessories

Dimension and Texture: Layers add dimension to your photos. Think cardigans, blazers, scarves, or vests.

Personal Touch: Accessories like hats, belts, or statement jewelry can add a personal touch and make your outfits more interesting.

Choose Colors Wisely

Avoid Neon and Bright White: Neon colors can reflect harshly on your skin, and bright white can be tricky to photograph.

Flattering Shades: Opt for colors that flatter your skin tone and hair color. Jewel tones, pastels, and earthy tones are generally flattering.

Comfort is Key

Move Freely: Ensure your outfits allow you to move comfortably. You’ll want to be able to sit, stand, walk, and even dance without restrictions.

Confidence Boost: Choose clothes that make you feel good about yourself. If you feel confident, it will show in your photos.

Plan for Multiple Outfits

Plan for Multiple Outfits

Casual and Formal: Consider bringing two outfits—one casual and one more formal. This adds variety to your photos.

Quick Changes: Ensure that your location has a place where you can change outfits quickly and easily.

Pay Attention to Fit and Flattering Cuts

Tailored Fit: Clothes that fit well look better on camera. Avoid anything too tight or too loose.

Flattering Silhouettes: Choose silhouettes that flatter your body type. A-line dresses, well-fitted jeans, and structured jackets are often universally flattering.

Coordinate with Your Photographer

Discuss Ideas: Share your outfit choices with your photographer. They can provide valuable feedback based on their experience with lighting, settings, and composition.

Photo Themes: If you have a specific theme or aesthetic in mind, make sure your outfits align with it.


Selecting the right outfits for your engagement photos involves coordinating colors, considering the location and season, and ensuring comfort and style. By following these tips, you can create a cohesive and attractive look that captures your personalities and love story beautifully.

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